Monday, 4 August 2008


Last weekend I did a shitload of organizing and going through closets and drawers and plastic tubs etc. We took 12 or 13 bags of stuff to the thrift store! (see photo). I am feeling a great need to get very organized and throw away unncessary crap, which there is a lot of. I hear nothing but stories of how much stuff you get when you have a baby and how amazing it is that something so little can take up so much space, so I am trying hard to create that space. As far as NY standards go, we have a decent sized place. It's a 2 bedroom with 2 closets in the main bedroom, one in the hallway and one in the 2nd bedroom. The 2nd bedroom is now used as an office, and will most likely remain that way for a while. I think the kid will live in our room for it's first year. The office is badly insulated, and either boiling hot or freezing cold, and it's also not noise-proof at all - and it's kind of far away from our room, so we've decided to play it by ear and plan for the first year of life to happen in our room. SO....we still have 2 closets to go through, and these are closets that are so full that you have to close the door really fast so stuff doesn't fall on you. This weekend I will start on the hallway one! I also made a trip to Ikea yesterday to check out a shelving unit with a drop down changing table that seems like a wise investment. It will fit perfectly i the space we need it to, so I think that will be a good purchase. A friend offered me use of her gorgeous mid-century modern bassinet, so I think I will take her up on that for the first few months and then switch to a crib. I'm on stroller research now, but I can't really proceed until I scope them out in person, and then I will start on crib research.

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  1. my husband and i have scoped out strollers a couple of times. this is the only baby thing that he really takes any interest in shopping for. he zooms them around the store, "testing their maneuverability" and whipping around corners. i tried to ask him when he would ever need to push it like that when the baby was in it, but he failed to see the point. ah well.