Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Is the end near?

Are my breastfeeding days coming to an end? I dunno...ask Angus! Last
week we added cows milk into his diet for A pre-nap meal. It has gone
just adverse effects. I feel like he eats more food at meals
these days- except for when he's about to sprout a tooth, then it
seems to be more milk, maybe for the comfort it provides.

I am down to pumping at work twice a day, and I don't pump at home at
all, unless it's a weekend and he's missed a feeding for some reason.
I'd like him to decide when to stop, but I have a 5 day trip to Texas
coming up in about a month, and to meet his bf needs I would need
almost 20 bottles of milk, ie: 120oz. I only pump about 6-7oz per day,
which is used the next day, so it's kind of impossible for me to build
up a stash like that in such a short period of time!

So...I have one feeding frozen now, and will hope to put another 1 or
2 away this weekend. I want to have at least 10. That way he doesn't
need to go 100% cow whil I am gone. I will have to pump and dump
there too which always bums me out:(

On another note, Angus can now climb on furniture. This morning he
climbed up on te couch, and yesterday he climbed up onto a lounge
chair. He can almost reach the stove knobs now too. Yikes! Babies are
scary when they get bigger! So much more childproofing to do. I don't
think there is much stopping him. He even tried to climb into the
dishwasher the other day!

Friday, 5 February 2010

A fruit a day

I realized the other day that I had no recollection of when I might
have last eaten a piece of fruit. If I can't remember when this was, I
clearly not eating enough fruit.

Lest I get scurvy, I am working on fixing this and today had an apple,
yesterday an orange, and Wednesday a banana. I am going to keep this
up as part of the bigger picture of eating healthy and turning things
around so that maybe I can wear a bikini when I am 40. Wouldn't that
be a sight? Let's hope it is a pretty sight.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Age and weight

My husband kindly reminded me that I would be turning 40 next year.
Um, thanks. However, it did give me a little wake up call about my
health and my body and it's shape. Simply stated, I am "thick in the
middle". It's true. No two ways about it, and I blame my genes and
some bad eating habits that came my way when I was a lot younger and
very sporty and didn't have to worry about such things. Oh those were
the days. Now, I am older and supposedly wiser and I should know
better, right? Actually, I really don't think I eat too badly. I eat a
lot of salads with minimal dressing, I don't eat fast food, I don't
drink soda, I don't eat crap. I guess I just eat too much. I do like
sugar and butter a whole lot.

A few years back, I lost 30 pounds via weight watchers, which was
great. I have slowly gained about 10-15 of that back depending on the
day. It did NOT melt off while breastfeeding. Nope, not at all. Total
bummer! I found a nutritionist, and I'm going to work with her to see
what is triggering this overeating. It will be interesting to see what
happens. I think I eat best during the day, but when I get home, my
husband and I tend to order in, and usually that food is melty and
cheesy and fatty. I have also become a little more aware if my carb
intake, and I think it's a little high. So- wish me luck, since before
I know it, I am going to have to chase after Angus and I need to be
able to catch up with!

Monday, 1 February 2010

1st birthday party=success!

Angus had his first bday party yesterday and I do declare it a
success! We had about 30 people at a bar we rented out in our
neighborhood. It was a great cosy, clean Irish place with a perfect
area in the back for kids to hang out and play.

It was many adults and about 8 or 9 kids ranging in age from 9months
to 4 years. It's so funny to see so many friends with kids. If this
was a few years ago, we'd all be at this bar super drunk at 3am. Funny
how things change!

Angus received many lovely gifts and had a cake which he of course got
all over him, thanks to my husband's encouragement. It had a ton of
blue icing and therefore a ton of blue food coloring which made for
many blue lips and noses and shirts.

Johnny's parents came and they thankfully watched Angus early so We
could set up the party, and they also put him down for a nap after so
we could clean up and enjoy a drink or 2 or 3.

Overall it was great. Although there was a face-plant that involved
blood, there was little to no crying involved and I think most people
had a good time. Phew. 1 birthday party down, many more to go!