Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Age and weight

My husband kindly reminded me that I would be turning 40 next year.
Um, thanks. However, it did give me a little wake up call about my
health and my body and it's shape. Simply stated, I am "thick in the
middle". It's true. No two ways about it, and I blame my genes and
some bad eating habits that came my way when I was a lot younger and
very sporty and didn't have to worry about such things. Oh those were
the days. Now, I am older and supposedly wiser and I should know
better, right? Actually, I really don't think I eat too badly. I eat a
lot of salads with minimal dressing, I don't eat fast food, I don't
drink soda, I don't eat crap. I guess I just eat too much. I do like
sugar and butter a whole lot.

A few years back, I lost 30 pounds via weight watchers, which was
great. I have slowly gained about 10-15 of that back depending on the
day. It did NOT melt off while breastfeeding. Nope, not at all. Total
bummer! I found a nutritionist, and I'm going to work with her to see
what is triggering this overeating. It will be interesting to see what
happens. I think I eat best during the day, but when I get home, my
husband and I tend to order in, and usually that food is melty and
cheesy and fatty. I have also become a little more aware if my carb
intake, and I think it's a little high. So- wish me luck, since before
I know it, I am going to have to chase after Angus and I need to be
able to catch up with!

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