Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Is the end near?

Are my breastfeeding days coming to an end? I dunno...ask Angus! Last
week we added cows milk into his diet for A pre-nap meal. It has gone
just adverse effects. I feel like he eats more food at meals
these days- except for when he's about to sprout a tooth, then it
seems to be more milk, maybe for the comfort it provides.

I am down to pumping at work twice a day, and I don't pump at home at
all, unless it's a weekend and he's missed a feeding for some reason.
I'd like him to decide when to stop, but I have a 5 day trip to Texas
coming up in about a month, and to meet his bf needs I would need
almost 20 bottles of milk, ie: 120oz. I only pump about 6-7oz per day,
which is used the next day, so it's kind of impossible for me to build
up a stash like that in such a short period of time!

So...I have one feeding frozen now, and will hope to put another 1 or
2 away this weekend. I want to have at least 10. That way he doesn't
need to go 100% cow whil I am gone. I will have to pump and dump
there too which always bums me out:(

On another note, Angus can now climb on furniture. This morning he
climbed up on te couch, and yesterday he climbed up onto a lounge
chair. He can almost reach the stove knobs now too. Yikes! Babies are
scary when they get bigger! So much more childproofing to do. I don't
think there is much stopping him. He even tried to climb into the
dishwasher the other day!

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