Thursday, 18 September 2008


We are not finding out the sex of our child until it is born, so we have to have a boy name and a girl name decided on. We are 100% decided on the girl's name, and have been for ages, maybe even before we got pregnant, but this boy's name is eluding us. We have it whittled down though, and our fridge list only has a few names left on it. I am hoping for a name that is somewhat original, that not 4 other boys in the class will no Spencer, Tyler, etc. ...actually I like those names, but my husband denied them...for good reason though. He crossed off my Sam and my Max, but we're left with a few good ones and I think we'll have a decision made soon. It's funny. Parts of the baby process have reminded me of the wedding process. When I was planning our wedding, once we had a date and a location, I was able to relax and not worry for a while. This feels similar. Once we have names and a crib and stroller picked out I feel like I will chill out a lot!

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