Wednesday, 12 November 2008


I think I've had a pretty normal/typical pregnancy, but there's only a few things that seem to happen to a large number of pregnant people that I have fallen prey to. For example, early on I had a few skin tags in my armpits, which really sucked for shaving purposes. They have since gone away. I've also been really zitty. I normally have good skin, so this extra oil production was a bummer, but I have controlled it with toner and it seems to have mostly gone away. BY far though, the worst thing is the charley horses I seem to get at LEAST once a week. Usually while sleeping, or half-sleeping, I guess I move my leg the wrong way - and not always with a stretch. It's like a fire alarm in our home. I yell "CHARLEY HORSE" and bless him, my husband grabs for whichever leg I give him and he helps me work it out. Well, he does most of it and I just grab by toes and pull down for the stretch. He is the best and I wonder what the neighbors thing when they hear me yell once a week...well, I bet I know what they think - but they are wrong. Anyway - my brother said "you're dehydrated" and surely that would be the case if I wasn't pregnant, but this is a typical pregnancy thing and the worst one for me so far! I need to do more stretching of the calf muscles, because it's just WAY too jarring to wake up like this, and I need my beauty sleep!

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  1. i've been getting charley horses, too! they are the absolute worst. i should try the yelling in the middle of the night technique.