Saturday, 31 May 2008


My first doctor's appointment isn't until June 13th. I called right after the positive test and they said that my OB/Gyn doesn't see people until 8 weeks. I guess because there's nothing to "see" - or maybe because of they high percentage of miscarriage prior? Anyway - by the time I see her, I'll be at 9 weeks - almost 10! I don't quite know what to expect...questions, tests, etc. It will be strange, but I'm really looking forward to it as I hesitate to tell more than a few people until at least I've had my first appointment. I'd like to wait to tell most people until 12/13 weeks. That seems smart anyway. I've told my parents + brother - only because we were visiting them at 5 weeks and I don't see them very often, 2 of my best friends, and that's it. My husband has told 2 of his best friends, and 3 acquaintances. That's what's annoying...telling people you aren't that close with. I guess I don't really care, I understands that he wants to talk about it, but I am being careful about who I tell for now. I need a medical professional to tell me that yes, there is a healthy baby growing inside of you! Yay!

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