Thursday, 29 May 2008


At 6+ weeks, I expect that maybe the nausea will start soon, but maybe i've been reading my book too profusely and believe that I SHOULD be nauseous. I don't really know, but yesterday I had a hell of a bout. I had cereal and a banana for breakfast, then for lunch I had delicious carrot ginger soup, that when I finished I declared as "possibly the best soup I've ever had". Then I took my prenatal vitamin, and then i got horribly nauseous. I thought that since I had taken it after I ate, that I would be fine, and in fact it's never made me sick before. The only time I've ever felt woozy from a vitamin was when I took one first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Anyway, yesterday the nausea lasted about an hour and during that hour I sat at my desk, tried to not look ill, and went to the bathroom twice thinking I might puke, but I didn't. I also sat there wondering how I could possibly get through 6 weeks or more feeling this bad. I managed to eat some more food later in the day and felt better. Then, this morning, I got up to go pee and felt like a drunken sailor...a little dizzy. Then I didn't want to get out of bed for fear of more dizziness. I managed to eventually get up, and immediately had some cereal and a shower. I took it easy and I was slow, but I wonder if this is psychosomatic, or real. It's SO hard to tell, since being pregnant is on my mind 100% of the time. Does pregnancy nausea come in waves or does it just stay? Anyway - today I got a LOT of food for lunch, nothing acidic and lots of bread products and a preemptive gingerale. I feel fine so far, but when I get home I will take my prenatal vitamin after I eat and see how I feel.
UPDATE>>> I took my vitamin just after I ate, and felt just fine! I had rice, hummus and tabbouleh for dinner! Yay!

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