Tuesday, 24 June 2008

CVS consult

Oh to be be a bad blogger!

Well, really there isn't THAT much to report. I had a CVS counseling appointment on Monday with a lovely lady named Anita. She fully educated me on the ins and outs of amnio vs. cvs. I had done my own research, but it was nice to be talking about it with a real person and have her answer my minimal questions. I am leaning - no - I am GETTING a CVS test. I told my BF co-worker about my pregnancy today and she had a CVS test, which was good to know. I haven't spoken to anyone that has had one, and she and I share the same Ob/Gyn, so I appreciated what she had to say about it which was that it was relatively painless and just fine. We will surely speak more of it in the coming days as Anita will be calling me with an appointment time surely in the next couple of weeks. I have another doctor's appointment on Friday, and I am looking forward to that. Otherwise, I sometimes don't feel pregnant, except for when I pee a lot, when I look at my boobs and today when I had some pain in my stomach area that I think is just ligaments being stretched. Otherwise, hopefully all is well! I am a little over 10 weeks now!

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