Tuesday, 21 April 2009

work...maternity leave

I am SO lucky and happy. On the first day of our trip I received great news. My request for an extra month of maternity leave was approved! Now, instead of going back to work on 4/23, I go back on 5/26, right after Memorial day weekend. I don't get paid of course, but I am so happy tp be able to spend this extra time with Angus. I merely asked my boss for the extra time, and she thought about it, consulted with a couple of my coworkers and said yes! Everyone says that babies change so much right around 3 months, and now I get to enjoy that...plus, I will have more time to get my frozen breast milk supply up, which I need to do for my eventual return to work. Now that the weather is sporadically better, we're going to go out as much as we can and take advantage of it. Oh what a lovely month it will be!

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