Sunday, 5 April 2009

2 months +

Angus is now 2 months + 1 week + 2 days old! I just love him so much and never want to stop looking at him. Yesterday we went to visit our friends and their new baby, and we argued about who would get to carry him up to their place - we both want him! It's nice to love something this much. It's funny - all those things people say that you think are so dumb are true...such as "you'll be surprised at how much you can love something" and "enjoy it, because they grow up so fast" and "say goodbye to sleep"/sleep now while you can", "they change everyday", you're going to think your baby is the cutest"...and so on and so on....they are all right and they are all true! Every day we marvel at how adorable our son is and how he changes just about everyday.

We have a trip involving and airplane coming up, and I'm a little nervous about it. I don't think he's going to scream the whole time, as we're good at comforting him - mostly with the boob - or a swaddle, but I wonder if he's going to sleep. Our travel day is long and if he doesn't sleep - he's going to be SO cranky and that would suck. We're trying to figure out what to bring on the plane, and what to pack. I actually bought a bebe au lait - which I never thought I would - I'm not very modest these days, but it seems like a good idea for airports and planes - for nursing and maybe even for sleeping...maybe a germ shield too! Anyway - wish us luck :)

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