Wednesday, 12 May 2010

NO sleep in Brooklyn

I wonder if my lack of blogging is due to Angus' sleep schedule. I think I feel that my writing would continually be focused on the same thing over and over again - which is his continual waking up at night. Lately, he goes to be at 8, wakes up around 12:30am and then refuses to go back to sleep in his crib. He prefers to sleep in my arms. Monday night we were pretty much awake for 3 hours, and then finally I got him back down in his crib. Last night I took him to the couch and we slept there after multiple attempts at putting him back down in his crib. I've tried to let him cry, and I would try harder if I didn't have upstairs neighbors and if my heart didn't break after 15 minutes. I HOPE he's teething - and my husband has been instructed to get a good look in his mouth, but it's really a mystery. I think he maybe just likes to be cosy in my arms instead of alone in his crib, but man - it's making us so cranky and tired. Let's hope this "phase" is over soon!

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