Monday, 16 August 2010

catch up

Wow- it's been months. Sometimes I write stuff on the subway, but then it sits and languishes in my notepad on my iPhone. I am determined to post this one today -8/14.

Angus is amazing. He's almost 19 months and he talks up a storm- as long as there are no strangers around. It takes him a while to warm up. He'll be starting nursery school in a few weeks, just 2 days a week, but I am so excited for him to have the socialization. It's going to be so weird to drop him off and say goodbye those mornings. Our little baby is growing up. We just got him a play kitchen and he loves it, spending quite a bit of time playing with all the play fruit and veggies and saying "make" as he puts stuff in one of the plastic pots it came with. Although yesterday he tried to cook his blocks on the real stove, which he tried to do a couple of weeks ago and was the impetus for the purchase. I had to remind him that he had his own stove to use.

He is still nursing at night and in the morning, and on weekends it seems like all the time. He doesn't seem interested in stopping, and I don't see much reason to force him. I only wish the bedtime feeding was smoother. He nurses a bit and them gets up and runs around and comes back and on and on and on. The other night I was sitting in the chair in his room and he ran at me from the other end of the room and he lost his footing and slammed into the chair, and there was blood. It's these kinds of things that happen during the bedtime process and I'm not sure how to make it less painful (ha!) for both of us. I am going to try to get to a La Leche League meeting this week to talk about it. I'm really excited- I've never been before! Ok- more soon I hope. I need to find the email address that allows me to post right to the blog by sending an email. I set it up, but then lost it. Oops!

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