Wednesday, 30 July 2008

catching up!

Ok... I have a lot of catching up to do - whoops! After our return from Wildwood, my husband got a little mad that I hadn't told people at work yet. So...I hinted at it on facebook, and got some queries. Then a coworker im'd me about it and I spilled the beans to him, and word magically spread! A handful of people heard right away, and more throughout the week. I still think there are people that don't know and it will be fun to get their delayed reactions. At this point, the majority of our families and friends are aware of our bun in the oven. I feel good that people know and are curious about it all. Many questions from people about trying, the sex, where we're going to live etc. I am learning to become patient and deal with these repeat questions with a friendly smile on my face! Oh. The day after we got back, we had another doctor's appointment. This one was SO boring. We didn't get to see anything - but we DID hear the heartbeat - which was cool! I think I heard it last time, but it's always nice to have reconfirmation that things are still good! Our next appointment is at 18 weeks, and my next task is to make an appointment for the 20 week anatomy scan, which is some sort of detailed thing where they count fingers and toes and make sure all the organs are there. This happens at our delivery hospital, St.Luke's Roosevelt, so I am looking forward to scoping it all out!

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