Thursday, 10 July 2008


The second I walked in the door tonight I was plagued with horrible cramps....but I know these cramps. These cramps are my body telling me it wants to poop (sorry...) I have suffered from some serious constipation the last few days for which I can only blame myself. I know I haven't been drinking enough water at work, and I need to smarten up. Anyway - tonight I had the pleasure of these cramps, then vomiting, followed finally by well, let's just say "the other end". I don't know if I ate something, or if this is some form of pregnancy illness, but I'm going to self-diagnose myself with 1) constipation and 2)food poisoning....for which I also blame myself for. I went to an outdoor event, and ate potato salad that was in the VIP area. It looked fresh, it tasted fresh, but I think maybe it was a bad idea. Anyway - I'm sure I'll have more sunshine and rainbows to talk about soon!

PS> I discovered some cool websites which I have added as new links.Ohdeeoh, Modern Seed, Babywit and Babble

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