Sunday, 13 July 2008

telling people

I find the process of telling people that I am pregnant very strange. I guess it's because pregnancy is your very special secret for SOOOO long, and then it suddenly becomes kosher to tell people. I'm the person that quit playing softball because I didn't like everyone looking at me when I was at bat, so imagine how I must feel when I tell someone new, and all of a sudden their eyes are drawn to my stomach - which is just chubby with chub - i'm not showing yet- and all eyes are on me! It's awkward. I assume I'll get more used to it, it's just a weird time. As soon as I get the final call re: CVS test we will be more open to telling people, and we've actually told a handful more people this past week, but's weird.

PS> I'm constipated.
PPS> I'm 13 weeks!

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