Thursday, 23 October 2008

chivalry is dead

If you'd ever like to assure being totally ignored on the subway, I highly advise getting pregnant. It's really funny how rude and awful people get. Since I am a nice person, I will always give up my seat for an old person, someone with a cane or crutches or someone pregnant. Apparently I am in the minority. Only 3 people have ever gotten up for me. I don't totally mind standing, since it's usually only for 2 stops until most people get off and I can sit - and my route home is at the beginning of the line, so there is always a seat for me. I think when I am feeling worse I will try harder to get a glare a little and flaunt my belly. But seriously.....people are rude!


  1. i know what you mean! i was just in nyc and rode the subway several times a day, and only one person offered me their seat. when i was taking public transportation in san francisco everyday, i always would give up my seat. it really irks me to see an eldery person with a cane or something have to stand because some young person is too lazy to stand. common courtesy, people!

  2. i got offered another seat this morning! again, by a younger woman. it was only 1 express stop so i declined.

    but in general people are unbelievably rude, selfish, clueless. last month before i started showing, there was this lady with a huge belly who got on the bus and of course no one offered her a seat. i felt horrible and wound up offering her mine.