Wednesday, 15 October 2008

on a lighter note.....finally a craving!

I have wanted hot chocolate every day! I guess it started a couple of weeks ago when it actually was fall in NYC for a minute, and sadly I work about 1 block away from Jacques Torres - which is noted for some of the BEST hot chocolate in the city. It is literally a cup of melted chocolate, very thick and very delicious. I don't know how I'm not going to have it today! Although, it's probably not TOO bad for me, considering I'm not that much of a milk drinker...maybe it's some of the only dairy I get! How's that for justification? I made it last night for my husband with cocoa powder, sugar and milk...I had some caramel salted hot chocolate from starbucks, which I hesitated getting because of the high calories....dare I even try to find out how many calories are in the Jacques Torres version? I know I am not supposed to be on a diet, but I think it's smart to at least be aware of HOW much of a pig I am being! Anyway - this seems like something weird that I always want, so I am officially calling it a pregnancy craving!

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  1. I was pregnant in the summer time both times and I had intense cravings for fresh fruit and dairy queen in the final months proving that cravings are seasonal. I think we should publish our findings in a medical journal.

    Luv, Cousin Di xxx 000